Day 4

So my plans to find a track and ride as a family fell through.   My bike only fits in the back seat without children.  But we found a nice woody trail the boys loved riding.  Hubby and I walked our fastest to keep up with them.  I’ll take my  bike back solo because It was a very flat ride.  My cup of tea.  Plus, we have acquired a bike rack since.

I was thankful for my Sunday ride, a long and quiet ride.  Long as in, 3 miles.   I took a few stops to pet some dogs.  It fells good to be doing something for myself.  I haven’t regretted waking up early to take the bike out.  I even ran into a friendly neighbor who tried his hand at bending my handlebars back.

Note to self: add some air to the tires and clean out the camelbak.

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