Day 1 Couch to Mountain Bike

I don’t know what I was thinking! Me a mountain biker! Maybe it was the girl on YouTube who lives in her van so she can mountain bike full time. Or the fact that there are some awesome beginner trails right here in my town. It was meant to be. I caught the bug. I’m very familiar with said bug. I become obsessed with an idea and go all in, just to quit after things get hard or in two weeks (which ever comes first). So far, other bugs has cost less than $1,000 to start. This was different. A mountain bike is about $400 to start. I need one of those. And of course I need a helmet. Not the smart helmet that can answer calls!! But probably the $40 one.

I did not buy the mountain bike. I bought something like a mountain bike at the discount department store. I am familiar with myself enough to not spend all of our savings. The bike was assembled and so I shoved it in the mini suv and took it home. I had to ride it right away. I cut all the tags off and got out my helmet. I was prepared enough to have correct shoes. And off I went.

When was the last time I rode a bike? 20 years ago! That’s probably why I’m so wobbly. Things like popping a curb used to come so easy. Now, not so much. I came down the hill and CRASH. The bike took a beating.  I have some scratches and laded on my keys.  Ow!  The handle bars are bent just enough to notice. 6 minutes in and I’ve already had my first crash. SCORE. That’s what mountain biking is all about. Tomorrow, I’ll stick to the nice flat sidewalks.

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