Beach bike ride

My oldest son and I took a bike ride on the Virginia Beach boardwalk.    It was so nice because we were in the shade of the resorts and didn’t have to worry about traffic.

I’m so glad I had been working on my balance and quick reflexes (or medium reflexes).   And the currage to get my clumsy butt on a bike in public.    It really added to this trip.


Rides 5 and 6

Well, you may have guessed that some of the drama has died down and these two rides were pretty uneventful.   It still feels a little like Christmas, waking up early in the morning to a new Bike.  However,  If I ride before dawn, I’m going to need a light!

I am really proud of myself to taking on this goal.  And sticking with it for two whole weeks!!!

Day 4

So my plans to find a track and ride as a family fell through.   My bike only fits in the back seat without children.  But we found a nice woody trail the boys loved riding.  Hubby and I walked our fastest to keep up with them.  I’ll take my  bike back solo because It was a very flat ride.  My cup of tea.  Plus, we have acquired a bike rack since.

I was thankful for my Sunday ride, a long and quiet ride.  Long as in, 3 miles.   I took a few stops to pet some dogs.  It fells good to be doing something for myself.  I haven’t regretted waking up early to take the bike out.  I even ran into a friendly neighbor who tried his hand at bending my handlebars back.

Note to self: add some air to the tires and clean out the camelbak.

3rd Ride, much improved

Awe yes.  Today’s ride was much better.  Flat land.  Tripled my time and distance from the first day (which was 6 minutes and two blocks b.t.w.).   I am even a little more steady.

The newly installed seat was helpful.  The specifically padded underooes were helpful.  However, if you fix your handlebars from the first crash, remember to have your hubby tighten them.  I hit a small bump and my breaks were facing straight up.   It’s really hard to squeeze them like that!  And with a fast approaching thunderstorm, I ended early for safety.

I was greeted at the door by one very unhappy son who wanted to ride with me.  Next ride will be with company.  Probably at a track.  😀


Ride 2

The next day I took out The Roadmaster.  This time the plan was to stay on flat land and learn to ride a bike again.  Good thing I didn’t go all out.

I manged to double my time to 12 minutes and distance as well.  No crashes, no jumps, no trails.  Just me rationally accomplishing a goal.

Tomorrow I try the padded underwear.

Day 1 Couch to Mountain Bike

I don’t know what I was thinking! Me a mountain biker! Maybe it was the girl on YouTube who lives in her van so she can mountain bike full time. Or the fact that there are some awesome beginner trails right here in my town. It was meant to be. I caught the bug. I’m very familiar with said bug. I become obsessed with an idea and go all in, just to quit after things get hard or in two weeks (which ever comes first). So far, other bugs has cost less than $1,000 to start. This was different. A mountain bike is about $400 to start. I need one of those. And of course I need a helmet. Not the smart helmet that can answer calls!! But probably the $40 one.

I did not buy the mountain bike. I bought something like a mountain bike at the discount department store. I am familiar with myself enough to not spend all of our savings. The bike was assembled and so I shoved it in the mini suv and took it home. I had to ride it right away. I cut all the tags off and got out my helmet. I was prepared enough to have correct shoes. And off I went.

When was the last time I rode a bike? 20 years ago! That’s probably why I’m so wobbly. Things like popping a curb used to come so easy. Now, not so much. I came down the hill and CRASH. The bike took a beating.  I have some scratches and laded on my keys.  Ow!  The handle bars are bent just enough to notice. 6 minutes in and I’ve already had my first crash. SCORE. That’s what mountain biking is all about. Tomorrow, I’ll stick to the nice flat sidewalks.